2013 fashion trend “out” list

Closets everywhere chronicle fashion trends.  Each year some styles briefly appear and then disappear, while others stay around long enough to deserve the label classic. Which trends have staying power and which don’t? Here is a list of fashions that probably won’t occupy a prominent place on the style horizon in 2013:

  1. 1980’s style dolman sleeve tops – Better left in the fashion archives;
  2. Ultra wide cropped sweaters – Knitting lesson gone horribly wrong;
  3. Capes – Pretty but impractical;
  4. Slouchy trousers with low crotch  – Cross between harem and MC Hammer pants;
  5. Peter Pan collars – Overworked and unexciting;
  6. Smoking slipper flats – Ballet flats still rule;
  7. Bold floral jeans – Visual overload;
  8. Oversized purses –  Give your hobo bag a rest;
  9. Mega platform shoes and boots – Feet and backs around the world started a revolution;
  10. Shoulder length chandelier earrings – 2013 is the year for minimalism.

Move over style outs, and make room for this year’s trends.

Capes: A Pretty but Impractical Trend














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