Afriyie Poku wins CFW’S Emerging Designer competition

Atlanta based designer Afriyie Poku won the coveted title of Emerging Designer East and the People’s Choice award at Charleston Fashion Week. Poku stood out at CFW for several reasons. His ebony skin, chiseled features, and tall hair captured the attention of nightly CFW audiences. He was also the only menswear designer among twenty featured semi-finalists. Most importantly, Poku masterly succeeded in accomplishing his goal of modernizing 18th and 19th century menswear clothing, and making his designs totally wearable for the here and now.

This sensational rising star lives to design. I had the pleasure of interviewing him a few hours before he unveiled his stunning collection. He had these words to say about his relationship with his work: “The day I stop designing is the day I cease to exit.” See his designs at

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