Are we seeing fewer fashion trends?

Each season I report on what’s trending and what’s not. Last year’s fashion prognosticators buzzed about oxblood as the “it” color; now the color burgundy reigns supreme. After gazing into my crystal ball, I see maroon on the style horizon for 2014. In the fall of 2011, I pronounced the return of iconic dresses of the 1960’s. This fall, ultra feminine “fit and flare” dresses hang on every dress rack in almost every store. Even though pendant style necklaces staged their comeback in 2011, Accessories Magazine deems pendants as a “breaking” trend for 2013-2014. Animal prints and tailored jackets join the list of not so new trends. Am I the only one noticing that many of the supposed new seasonal trends are just slightly tweaked versions of what we already wear? Highly effective retail marketers convince us that we are laying eyes on these fashions for the first time.

When I observe the apparent recycling of trends phenomenon, I ponder these questions:

Are fewer real fashion trends emerging each year? If so, what’s behind this trend recession?

Perhaps the world awaits a visionary designer who will inspire a fashion revolution. On the other hand, maybe the best and brightest designers already discovered the magic fashion formula for our modern society. I propose that living in an unpredictable and relentlessly changing world makes us less enthusiastic about embracing constant fashion upheavals. Personally, I’ve grown accustomed to and find comfort in wearing familiar styles. I feel great in my favorite pair of jeans, tailored jackets, and statement necklaces.

When does a trend deserve the right to be labeled a classic?

I assign animal prints the title of classic by mere virtue of their staying power. What about skinny jeans? Although a good friend of mine predicted the demise of skinny jeans three years ago, they still dominate the jean category. Someone should invent a word that describes a fashion that falls between a fad and a classic. I adore my skinny jeans, but I am not ready to group them in with other classics like plaid shirts, striped tees and equestrian boots just yet.

This outfit showcases some of the hottest fall fashions. You be the judge, are they new trends or re-trends?

First Fall Weekend

Weekend Max Mara dot sweater, $245 / Dorothy Perkins blouse / H&M jean jacket, $39 / Reiss pants, $145 / Freda Salvador leather shoes / Topshop handbag / Bracelet jewelry / Jewelry / Chloé heart pendant / Stud earrings / Oversize Falling Leaves Stencil 1 Falling Birch Leaves, $93

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