Pedal Power

Monday, April 9th, 2012

I visited Pedal Chic Boutique in downtown Greenville for the first time last week. As soon as I stepped into this bike emporium and women’s athletic apparel store, I felt energized.  It could have been the large bold orange accent wall or the display of luscious shiny metallic touring bikes that animated me. In any event, I knew immediately that Pedal Chic spoke my language.  As a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper, I pay close attention to color, fabric, cut and style. The selection of athletic and lifestyle wear at Petal Chic deserves gold stars in all four areas. Take for example the Pucci inspired bike dress in an olive, mint and tangerine geometric print.  The only accessory you need with this little traffic stopper is attitude.  I like versatile wardrobe pieces, and this one fits the bill. You can bike to your favorite restaurant in it for lunch with friends, or take it on a weekend beach getaway. Speaking of the beach, Petal Chic also sells bathing suits. I adored the two piece lavender suit with a bandeau top and briefs that have a short sarong skirt overlay. This suit offers both strategic coverage and distinctive style. Carmen Miranda would give this one a “thumbs up”!  

I learned all about Pedal Chic from the owner, Robin Bylenga.  Early on in our conversation, it became clear to me that Robin loves what she does. She is also on a mission to introduce women to the joys of cycling and keeping fit.  A serious athlete herself, Robin understands the enormous health benefits associated with regular fitness activities. She also knows exactly what women need to feel comfortable and confident on a bike. Robin sells so much more than bikes and biking apparel.  First and foremost, she provides customized service, a rare commodity these days. Robin outfits individuals with well fitting clothes and foundation pieces keeping these concepts in mind: functionality, figure flattery, age appropriateness, and personal style. She also offers safe riding instruction, bike maintenance classes, personalized biking tips, and social support.  Every Tuesday evening starting at 6:00pm, Pedal Chic sponsors a “spin and sip”. Women of all levels take to their bikes and explore the neighboring trails. Afterwards, they share conversation over a glass of wine.  Pedal Chic finds many creative ways like this one to keep you motivated.

Admit it; we all want to look and feel good when we work out. Should you dare wear a floral print bike jersey with a color coordinated helmet instead of basic black when you ride?  Of course you should; “Roadways are the New Runways”. Whether you just decided to take up cycling or you’re looking for fashion forward athletic apparel, head to Pedal Chic for one stop shopping. By all means, have fun when you hop onto your bike and celebrate your personal power in style.

Pedal Chic is located at 651 B South Main Street. For more information, contact the Boutique at 864-242-CHIC(2442) or visit their website


Pucci inspired geometric print bike dress


Pedal Chic's signature bike jersey


Pedal Chic's selection of stylish bike helmets


Take a spin in this shiny vanilla bike.

How to tap into your personal style

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Are you searching for a distinctive and genuine style but you just don’t know how and where to find it? Do you consider yourself style challenged?  Don’t despair.  Style is innate.  It incubates in our subconscious and emerges under the right conditions.  Anyone can gain style clarity by following these basic steps: (more…)

Put style on your mind in 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Is style on your mind in the new year?

It is not too late to amend your New Year’s resolution list. Enhancing your image goes hand in hand with other worthwhile personal improvement goals, such as losing weight, eating healthier and getting in shape. A favorite quotation of mine by Jim Rohn explains simply and powerfully the importance of self care. ” Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Staying healthy, fit and attractive requires a daily dose of effort as well as a lifelong commitment to feel and look your best. When you are tempted to push the snooze alarm instead of keeping your appointment at the  gym, just think about the fact that your body houses you. Since you will hopefully reside in it for a very long time, does it make sense not to keep it in good condition? If you invest in your house, it will truly become your home.

I just wrote an article entitled “How to lead a charmed style life in 2012“. So, style has definitely been in the forefront of my mind more than usual. What does style mean? How does one capture one’s individuality through one’s image? What makes a style icon? I arrived at a formula called C.H.A.R.M. that incorporates the who’s who of wardrobe styling concepts: color, harmony, accessories, right fit and “my” style. I invite you to read it and would love to hear about how you plan to add charm to your style this year. (more…)

Today’s Fashion Affirmation: I celebrate my style on big and small occasions.

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

What better time to showcase your personal style than during the holidays. Whether your plans include an annual company party, good cheer with friends, or taking your child to see Santa, you can commemorate every event by wearing clothes that represent who you are and how you want to express yourself. Perhaps sequins show your dramatic side, or velvet suits your classic sensibilities. Maybe a ruffled satin blouse brings out your romantic nature. When you dress with intent, you herald each moment as noteworthy. Putting effort into dressing also demonstrates a  (more…)

Holobi DRESbook revolutionizes wardrobe styling

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

If you’ve read my blog postings and followed me on Facebook and Twitter, you already know that I own an image consulting and wardrobe styling business called Style Matters. My primary location is Greenville, South Carolina, but my business also serves Washington, DC. You may not know that I am an independent stylist consultant and regional director for a company called Holobi. This company,  composed of personal stylists from across the country, is dedicated to changing people’s lives by enhancing their image. Holobi comes from these two Greek root words, “holo” meaning complete and “bi”meaning life. The name Holobi means complete life. Holobi’s wholistic approach to style initially attracted me to them. Holobi believes that in order to live a complete life, one must strive for personal excellence in every area, including image. Holobi’s certified stylists help individuals discover their optimal image, one that projects authenticity, personal power and confidence. In my opinion, Holobi provides superior styling tools and resources for every fashion style and body type. The fact that Holobi moves beyond style and addresses body image and personal empowerment makes me especially proud to be affiliated with this visionary company.
Holobi has just launched a personalized and private online wardrobe styling service. Now individuals can receive expert personalized style advice and wardrobe recommendations by merely clicking a mouse. This revolutionary service opens up new horizons for me as well.  The DRESbook provides me the incredible opportunity to work with women around the globe. My adrenaline surges  just thinking about this amazing prospect.     
Here is a personal message and more details about the DRESbook from the founder and owner of Holobi. Greetings,

Do you stare at the clothes in your closet each morning and can’t seem to find anything to wear? Are you constantly buying clothes that don’t match your fashion style or flatter your figure? Holobi has the answer to your prayers.  My company developed a new online solution to make it easy to quickly find the clothes that make you look your best.  I am very excited about the launch of my new Holobi DRESbook. This is the first online personal styling shopping service where certified DRES stylists make clothing selections based on an individual’s body shape, best colors and style.  The service is personalized, private and now available  for only $16.50 per month! DRESbook Members get to:
 • Create personalized preferences
• Receive personalized style selections
• Save their favorite selections
• Develop a shopping list
• Log outfit photos for easy reference
• Have access to online consulting
To feel confident and look brilliant, start your free trial now. Your brilliant image is just a click away. 

Warmest Regards,
Margaret SpencerHolobi, LLC Founder & CEO
Creator of the DRES System
Find what fits at

Start your free trial now. 
Your brilliant image is only a click away.


Today’s Fashion Affirmation

Friday, June 10th, 2011

“I have made my peace with bathing suits”.

The very thought of going bathing suit shopping, let alone wearing a swimsuit in public, sends most women into a tailspin. Under those department store florescent lights, with next to nothing on, all of our imperfections are glaringly obvious. When faced with this situation, the impulse might be to put our clothes back on, flee the dressing room, and resign ourselves to wearing the same chlorine ridden swimsuit for another season. On the other hand, we could stay and face our demons.
So, if you are less than thrilled about wearing a bathing suit on your next beach vacation, then perhaps you will find comfort in being reminded of this: all of us have imperfect bodies, imperfect personalities and imperfect lives. Mare Petras, fitness expert, author and inspirational speaker, cautions us about the pitfalls of pursuing perfection in her book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Swimsuit Shoppers“. A strong proponent of mind-body fitness, Petras advocates striving for balance, “vibrancy, and vitality” rather than perfection. Removing the pressure to be perfect is a critical step towards self acceptance.
We can also make friends with our bodies by developing healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, eating nutritious food, and managing stress levels. Living in our bodies is a lot like living in our houses. They both require constant upkeep in order for us to fully enjoy residing in them. Unlike home maintenance however, the stakes are much higher if we fail to take proper care of ourselves, and we don’t have the option of moving from our bodies. As a veteran of the fitness industry for thirty years, Mare Petras has her own formula for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Her motto is “K.I.S.S.” or “keep it simple, sweetie”. All three of her Fitness Simply books are full of common sense techniques, meant to inspire and energize you on the inside and out.
The next time you put on your bathing suit, take some deep breaths, and then call to mind the things you like about your body. Also, do one extra health enhancing thing each day. Eat a handful of blueberries, take a brisk walk after dinner, or just sit quietly with your eyes closed for five minutes. Remember to also practice this month’s affirmation.