A new year a new you

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

My New Year’s Eve celebration ritual always includes watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper readying the crowds for the ball drop in Times Square. I never tire of Kathy’s zany unpredictability and Anderson’s adorable giggle. As I observed last night’s revelry I reflected on the passing of one year and the beginning of another. It wasn’t until 2014 that I made my first new year’s resolution. Last year I vowed to get rid of things I didn’t want or need. In fact I blogged about this milestone in my life last January in a piece entitled “Three steps to a streamlined closet.” A year later I am happy to report that I kept my promise to own a pared-down wardrobe and an uncluttered house.

Spurred on by last year’s success, I decided to take another stab at resolutions by joining the ranks of those who commit to getting in shape. Since this resolution always makes the top ten list of resolutions most commonly broken, I admit that it is a risky choice.

Rather than focus on the likelihood of failure, I choose to think confident thoughts. Four months ago my 92 pound labrador ran head on into me and fractured my tibia. The injury that I sustained required surgery and put me on crutches until just a few weeks ago. Thanks to physical therapy and daily rehabilitative exercises, I am now walking and mending well. However, as my surgeon and therapist stressed, full recovery takes one year and requires faithfulness to a demanding exercise regimen. Considering the ramifications of not following doctor’s orders makes me even more determined to do the work. Because I am a former dancer, athlete and exercise instructor, I also abhor the feeling of not being in peak condition.

So what does all this have to do with style? My own therapeutic process has helped me realize the similarity between fitness and style principles. Like fitness, style involves setting goals, creating a step by step plan to reach them, and putting in the time it takes to experience results. Having the right mindset is also a key to positive change. Throughout the month of January, I will chronicle my fitness journey and also explore the style-fitness connection on my blog and Facebook postings. I would love for you to join me in these discussions and share how you are progressing with your resolutions.

Until my next posting, I leave you with this affirmation: “I am a warrior”. I now repeat this daily, especially when I’m pushing myself beyond the limits of what I think is possible.

How to tap into your personal style

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Are you searching for a distinctive and genuine style but you just don’t know how and where to find it? Do you consider yourself style challenged?  Don’t despair.  Style is innate.  It incubates in our subconscious and emerges under the right conditions.  Anyone can gain style clarity by following these basic steps: (more…)

Today’s Fashion Affirmation: I celebrate my style on big and small occasions.

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

What better time to showcase your personal style than during the holidays. Whether your plans include an annual company party, good cheer with friends, or taking your child to see Santa, you can commemorate every event by wearing clothes that represent who you are and how you want to express yourself. Perhaps sequins show your dramatic side, or velvet suits your classic sensibilities. Maybe a ruffled satin blouse brings out your romantic nature. When you dress with intent, you herald each moment as noteworthy. Putting effort into dressing also demonstrates a  (more…)

Today’s Fashion Affirmation

Saturday, October 1st, 2011
I am suited for excellence.
I understand the critical role that my image plays in my professional and personal relationships.  I take pride in my appearance and want to appear well groomed and polished at all times. My daily dressing “to do” list includes cleaning and pressing my clothes, and shining my shoes.  Each evening I plan what I will wear the next day, and lay out all my clothes and accessories. This habit helps to ease my morning ritual so that I start the day feeling calm and ready to make a winning impression on everyone I encounter throughout the day. My practice is rooted in the belief that a pleasing appearance represents personal power. By making an effort to look my best, I send a strong message that I am confident, capable and strive for excellence in all areas of my life.

Today’s Fashion Affirmation

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

I accessorize artfully and thoughtfully.

Opportunities to express your individuality and creativity present themselves every day.  You could invent a new recipe, transform a room by adding touches of color to it, or write in your journal. Fashion provides another vehicle for self expression. When you wake up each morning, you can decide not only how you want to look, but what image and mood you hope to capture. Do you wish to project a powerful presence for an upcoming business presentation? Are you going for a chic and sophisticated appearance for your vacation to Italy? Dressing with intention and looking your best requires that you have the proper clothing essentials to suit your personality and lifestyle. Next, you need a host of accessories. Like icing on a cake, accessories are what help you to stand out and look finished. In addition, they are the personal touches that reveal your authentic style. If you have a bohemian streak, you can wear a head scarf and multiple bangle bracelets. On the other hand, a double strand pearl chocker may be exactly the right jewelry choice for your classic and traditional tastes.
Would you like to learn how to “take your outfits from ordinary to extraordinary”, and also gain the confidence to create a polished look from head to toe? The expert DRES stylists at Holobi are eager to assist you with all your accessory styling and personal wardrobe needs. Find a stylist near you by visiting  http://www.holobi.com/.  I am also a regional director for Holobi, and one of their independent Holobi consultants. You may either contact me at coreyurbina@fashionforstylematters.com or cu@holobi/com             


Today’s Fashion Affirmation

Friday, June 10th, 2011

“I have made my peace with bathing suits”.

The very thought of going bathing suit shopping, let alone wearing a swimsuit in public, sends most women into a tailspin. Under those department store florescent lights, with next to nothing on, all of our imperfections are glaringly obvious. When faced with this situation, the impulse might be to put our clothes back on, flee the dressing room, and resign ourselves to wearing the same chlorine ridden swimsuit for another season. On the other hand, we could stay and face our demons.
So, if you are less than thrilled about wearing a bathing suit on your next beach vacation, then perhaps you will find comfort in being reminded of this: all of us have imperfect bodies, imperfect personalities and imperfect lives. Mare Petras, fitness expert, author and inspirational speaker, cautions us about the pitfalls of pursuing perfection in her book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Swimsuit Shoppers“. A strong proponent of mind-body fitness, Petras advocates striving for balance, “vibrancy, and vitality” rather than perfection. Removing the pressure to be perfect is a critical step towards self acceptance.
We can also make friends with our bodies by developing healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising, eating nutritious food, and managing stress levels. Living in our bodies is a lot like living in our houses. They both require constant upkeep in order for us to fully enjoy residing in them. Unlike home maintenance however, the stakes are much higher if we fail to take proper care of ourselves, and we don’t have the option of moving from our bodies. As a veteran of the fitness industry for thirty years, Mare Petras has her own formula for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Her motto is “K.I.S.S.” or “keep it simple, sweetie”. All three of her Fitness Simply books are full of common sense techniques, meant to inspire and energize you on the inside and out.
The next time you put on your bathing suit, take some deep breaths, and then call to mind the things you like about your body. Also, do one extra health enhancing thing each day. Eat a handful of blueberries, take a brisk walk after dinner, or just sit quietly with your eyes closed for five minutes. Remember to also practice this month’s affirmation.

Today’s Fashion Affirmation

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I love who I am on the inside and out.

I accept my physical imperfections and am happy with my body as it is. I don’t compare myself to others, nor do I go to extraordinary lengths to look like the women I see in the media. I don’t think that I would be happier if I was just taller, thinner, prettier or younger. I like the extraordinary person I am. I strive for excellence, not perfection. I seek opportunities to know myself better, and develop my talents and abilities. I understand that life is about living wholeheartedly. (more…)

Today’s Fashion Affirmation | I enjoy expressing my personality through my clothes.

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Like eyes, clothes are “windows to the soul”. How a person puts an outfit together, the colors they choose, and their signature style are clues to a puzzle about who they are on the inside. The fact that you rarely see two people dressed alike, speaks to the fact that fashion informs us of one’s uniqueness. Even though fashion trends can be frivolous, fashion as a means of self expression is not.

This week, in addition to reciting your affirmation, think about what you want  your clothes to say about you. Be guided by both your style goals and personality when choosing your outfit each day.