Simplicity sums up Kohl’s first DesigNation collection

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Fashion masterminds like Andre Couregges, Calvin Klein and Helmut Lang, exemplify the concept of minimalism in their designs. Fashion educator, Moncia Murgia, describes minimalism as “removing the superfluous”, and cites multiple reasons for her personal attraction to minimalist fashion.  In her opinion, streamlined designs enhance a wardrobe’s versatility and functionality. Pared down looks in a few colors allow individuals to easily combine, accessorize and colorize the contents of their closets. Daily dressing becomes easier when clothes transition from day to night, weekend to work week and summer to winter.  Because minimalist designers focus less on trends, they create clothes that have lasting appeal for women of all ages.

Narciso Rodriquez heralds the cause of simplicity and inclusivity in fashion. On November 7, Kohls launches their first DesigNation Collection which features a limited edition of this award winning designer’s line.  Rodriguez describes his collection this way: “I never try to separate women. It’s a collection that really has many women in mind….. My woman can be 20….my woman can be 60…she’s ageless”.

Rodriguez drew inspiration for his collection from the towering minarets, exotic spices, evocative music and ornate tiles of Istanbul. His East meets West experience culminated in the creation of a minimalist collection that includes color blocked dresses, flowing pajama pants, and graceful print tops.

The interplay of black and white and bold color announces the Kohl’s –Rodriguez collaboration, priced at $30  to $150.

Narciso Rodriguez dress for Kohls DesigNation Collection









How to tap into your personal style

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Are you searching for a distinctive and genuine style but you just don’t know how and where to find it? Do you consider yourself style challenged?  Don’t despair.  Style is innate.  It incubates in our subconscious and emerges under the right conditions.  Anyone can gain style clarity by following these basic steps: (more…)

Holobi DRESbook revolutionizes wardrobe styling

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

If you’ve read my blog postings and followed me on Facebook and Twitter, you already know that I own an image consulting and wardrobe styling business called Style Matters. My primary location is Greenville, South Carolina, but my business also serves Washington, DC. You may not know that I am an independent stylist consultant and regional director for a company called Holobi. This company,  composed of personal stylists from across the country, is dedicated to changing people’s lives by enhancing their image. Holobi comes from these two Greek root words, “holo” meaning complete and “bi”meaning life. The name Holobi means complete life. Holobi’s wholistic approach to style initially attracted me to them. Holobi believes that in order to live a complete life, one must strive for personal excellence in every area, including image. Holobi’s certified stylists help individuals discover their optimal image, one that projects authenticity, personal power and confidence. In my opinion, Holobi provides superior styling tools and resources for every fashion style and body type. The fact that Holobi moves beyond style and addresses body image and personal empowerment makes me especially proud to be affiliated with this visionary company.
Holobi has just launched a personalized and private online wardrobe styling service. Now individuals can receive expert personalized style advice and wardrobe recommendations by merely clicking a mouse. This revolutionary service opens up new horizons for me as well.  The DRESbook provides me the incredible opportunity to work with women around the globe. My adrenaline surges  just thinking about this amazing prospect.     
Here is a personal message and more details about the DRESbook from the founder and owner of Holobi. Greetings,

Do you stare at the clothes in your closet each morning and can’t seem to find anything to wear? Are you constantly buying clothes that don’t match your fashion style or flatter your figure? Holobi has the answer to your prayers.  My company developed a new online solution to make it easy to quickly find the clothes that make you look your best.  I am very excited about the launch of my new Holobi DRESbook. This is the first online personal styling shopping service where certified DRES stylists make clothing selections based on an individual’s body shape, best colors and style.  The service is personalized, private and now available  for only $16.50 per month! DRESbook Members get to:
 • Create personalized preferences
• Receive personalized style selections
• Save their favorite selections
• Develop a shopping list
• Log outfit photos for easy reference
• Have access to online consulting
To feel confident and look brilliant, start your free trial now. Your brilliant image is just a click away. 

Warmest Regards,
Margaret SpencerHolobi, LLC Founder & CEO
Creator of the DRES System
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