What to wear when you are under the weather

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Summer colds like summer storms erupt suddenly and rain their vengeance upon our unsuspecting bodies. A nasty bronchitis visited me last week and lingers like an unwelcome guest. My chest is as heavy as a South Carolina July day. I’m hold up at home with an arsenal of inhalers, antibiotics and cough suppressants, doing what the afflicted do…waiting to feel better. Yesterday’s holiday went uncelebrated. My blue and white striped tee shirt, white pique walking shorts, and red Kate Spade ballet flats failed to make an appearance at Wells Fargo Red White and Blue Festival in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Style definitely doesn’t matter right now. You’ve heard of capsule wardrobes, right? Well, my oversized Nautica lavender and white bathrobe is the centerpiece of my infirm clothing capsule because it literally smothers me in fleece. Other capsule pieces include yoga pants, assorted J Crew tees, and a Mossimo Target hoodie. Only soft or fuzzy textures in styles that go on easily appeal to me right now. If I had a jersey jumpsuit or any James Perse pullovers or long maxi dresses, they would be in my present capsule wardrobe. I expect to wear items similar to the ones in this set over the weekend.

What clothes give you comfort when you’re sick?

Under the Weather Loungwear

James Perse / Lexington stripe top, $255 / James Perse / J.Crew j crew / James Perse / Juicy Couture white legging / Zara shoes / Havaianas / Nivea , $2.70 / Natural body moisturiser / The Body Shop / Sun care / Music Journal Notebook Diary Sketch Book – Keep Calm and Play Music -… / 19 Beautiful book cover designs for your inspiration