Eternally stylish chambray

For centuries, men and women have looked smart in this ultra-comfortable and functional wardrobe essential. First manufactured in France, chambray is a soft and mostly cotton material. Chambray mixed with a touch of spandex produces a shirt with a tapered silhouette. Most people associate chambray with varying shades of blue, but it also comes in other colors. Unlike denim, chambray’s lightweight texture makes it an ideal warm weather staple.

Fashion magazines and store window displays can’t get enough of chambray shirts for spring. No longer reserved for hanging around weekend wear, chambray shirts now go to the office. A chambray shirt and a bright floral pencil skirt make a professional pair. Chambray also looks polished when worn with slim leg pants and a striped or polka dot cardigan. Men get plenty of corporate kudos when they show up to work wearing a chambray shirt, khakis and a seersucker jacket.

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