Greenville’s got style

Bright, thoughtful and creative describe LaToya Letmon

Urban Funk

I met LaToya Letmon several months ago. Her mom, a therapist, also pet sits for my black lab Roscoe. LaToya’s style left an impression on me. A theater major at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, she defines her fashion sensibility as “bold, not afraid of colors or patterns, and very eclectic”. Admittedly a shy person, “she uses her clothing to speak loudly for her and express her individuality.” Her favorite colors are turquoise and aquamarine because they calm as well as invigorate. As far as style icons go, LaToya admires Emma Watson’s simple and seemingly effortless image.

LaToya studies Korean and also loves Korean culture and music. She credits the current Korean music trend for removing language boundaries, and bringing the world a little closer together.

I created the above collection for LaToya. I think she could really carry this look off with swagger!

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