How to make sense of fashion trends

As new fashion trends emerge each season, shoppers excitedly make their way to the nearest stores in search of the latest “must have” for their wardrobe.  Perhaps the autumnal colors of mustard and red or the sophisticated tweed peplum jacket strike a style chord this fall.  Regardless of whether tastes run on the classic or glitzy side, the amazing spectacle of eye candy may fuel every dresser’s impulse to buy apparel that doesn’t fit or suit them.

Mastering the art and science of shopping requires time, effort and some style know how. Following these two tips could make the difference between having a sour or a sensational shopping experience:

  • Know the difference between fashion and style. Fashion focuses on designs that grace the red carpet and what’s in and what’s not at any given time. Style, on the other hand, pertains to the way in which individuals expresses their uniqueness through clothing. Personal style evolves from an individual’s personality, background, values and life experiences.  Following fashion without being grounded in a personal style is a recipe for an inauthentic and inconsistent image.
  • Let your body guide the way. The DRES System, a scientific approach to identifying and dressing each body type, stresses the importance of selecting clothes and accessories that illuminate each body type’s strengths.  As an example, a shift dress conceals a tiny waist or skinny jeans make certain body types top heavy.  According to Margaret Spencer, DRES System’s founder, the application of specific styling techniques visually bring each silhouette into balance.

So, before heading out in search of fashion finds, spend some time thinking about which fashions capture your personal style and also play to your figure’s strengths. This practice should reduce the likelihood that your clothing purchases will end up collecting will end up collecting dust in your closet.


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