How to tap into your personal style

Are you searching for a distinctive and genuine style but you just don’t know how and where to find it? Do you consider yourself style challenged?  Don’t despair.  Style is innate.  It incubates in our subconscious and emerges under the right conditions.  Anyone can gain style clarity by following these basic steps:

  • Look within –We naturally gravitate toward clothing and accessories that reflect who we are. Nevertheless, if we seek to express ourselves fully through style, then it pays to spend time in self reflection. Put pen to paper; write down all of the adjectives that best describe you. Remember to include not only your personal qualities but also your beliefs and aspirations. If you are stumped by this exercise, then call to mind all of the qualities that helped you accomplish goals, face challenges and manage your life responsibilities successfully. 
  • Use your imagination – Let’s say you describe yourself as serious, reserved and practical. You work in the banking industry and hope to advance quickly within your organization. Then you probably feel more comfortable in basic, simple and tailored clothing that has a long style life. You wear minimal jewelry and accessories. You gravitate toward solid color neutrals which reflect your profession’s dress code as well as your quiet nature. On the other hand, picture what your closet would look like if you saw yourself as a daring extrovert who enjoyed being the center of attention? Each item would no doubt stand out for its jaw dropping design or dramatic detailing. Or maybe you read romance novels and are a self described “girly girl”. Ruffles, soft flowing fabrics and delicate prints are probably right up your alley. Get the picture? You wear who you are. 
  • Explore fashion – Take your newfound style identity to the next level by delving into current fashion. See what’s out there that speaks to you. Browse through catalogues, read style magazines, and check out online shopping sites. Write down what you like and dislike, and start a style file containing photos of your favorite looks. 
  • Take the plunge –Armed with your fashion knowledge and increased style awareness, go confidently to the mall and try on a variety of clothes. Image consultant Janice Johnson advises that individuals think less about shopping to buy and more about honing in on clothes that fit one’s desired style profile.   Each time you put on an item of clothing, ask yourself these fundamental questions: Does the garment fit well and flatter my figure? Do I feel terrific in it? Does it possess that WOW factor? If you answered no to any of these questions, then keep on shopping. With persistence and patience, you will eventually find your style “soul mates”.
  • Affirm your style –If you view fashion trends through your personal style lens, you will feel at home in your clothes and be happy with your clothing purchases.  To keep you grounded and confident in your style, post the following “fashion affirmation” on your bathroom mirror and recite it daily:  “I know my style and I wear clothes that represent who I am on the inside.” Read more of my fashion affirmations on this blog and at

    Personal style comes from within



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