Mid Summer Nightwear Trends

One early morning last week, I awoke to the noise of a siren. It took me a few bleary eyed moments to register it as my apartment’s fire alarm. I threw on a robe over my pink and blue polka dot pajamas, slipped on my Puma flats, and leashed my Labrador. The two of us then took off for the nearest exit. Once outside, I joined the other tenants and their pets. While all the dogs appeared poised for a party, their masters’ wakefulness fell along a spectrum from zombie like to fully alert. Unfortunately, this was no drill. Thanks to the efforts of the Greenville Fire Department and an effective sprinkling system, no one suffered any injuries.

The process of making safe the building allowed me ample time to scope out the fashion terrain. Only one woman, with the exception of me, wore what I call a traditional pair of pajamas. I saw lots of short and t-shirt combinations as well as a wide assortment of workout clothes. From what I saw, activewear definitely reigns as the new sleepwear. I have a hunch that underwear comes in a close second, followed by sleeping a la naturel. According to a recent Huffington Post article, only 1 in 10 people sleep in the nude. One of Hollywood’s most iconic movie stars belonged to this group. When reporters asked Marilyn Monroe what she liked to wear in bed, she coquettishly quipped, “Why Chanel No. 5, of course”.

Could it be that nightwear as we know it may soon be extinct? In the not too distant future, shoppers might have as much difficulty finding flannel nightgowns as they do slips.

Suffice it to say that the trend of multi-purpose clothing has broad appeal. Just visit any airport and you will see countless pajama bottom wearing frequent flyers. Don’t get me started on this depressing style development. These days, folks sleep in their play clothes. They also prefer to wear items that easily transition from day to evening. The popularity of smoking slippers worn as all-purpose flats supports my point. Why not get more bang for your buck out of shorts or a sweater shrug by wearing them around the clock?

Two factors influence what I wear to bed: my mood and my fatigue level. Some nights I lack the stamina to change out of my “relax at home” sweats, while other nights I love getting into a pretty pair of pajamas. Nothing beats the ritual of showering, smothering my skin with scented lotion, and wearing my soft pastel floral pajamas. Speaking of lotion, I’m hooked on white tea and ginger body cream by LDN of London. They also put out shower gel. I found this brand at Tuesday Morning.

This collection represents my take on the current sleepwear scene, but I’d love your comments on what’s in and what’s not in the nocturnal fashion department.

Mid Summer Night Wear


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