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Wedding bells don’t get any rest here in the Upstate throughout the summer months. Since several of my clients are in the midst of preparing for their children’s nuptials, I’ve been on the prowl for mother of the bride dresses. First of all, I’m bothered by the fact that mothers of the groom don’t have a dress named after them. Why the obvious snub? I created the all inclusive acronym MOBGD, which stands for mother-of-the-bride-and-groom-dresses. Maybe my terminology will catch on.

I developed a dislike for MOBGD during my time in retail sales. I worked in an enormous dress department with oodles of gorgeous gowns. Unfortunately most of them suited prom goers or generation Y folks. Any grandmother of the bride or groom would love the leftovers. I wanted to run and hide every time I heard a customer utter these dreaded words, “My daughter/son is getting married”. Inspired by  the Kubler-Ross grief model and Nora Ephron’s description of the six stages of email in her memoir, “I Remember Nothing”, I came up with the four stages of MOBGD shopping. These all too familiar angst ridden stages routinely played out this way:

Stage 1: Shock  Is this your entire MOBGD selection?

Stage 2: Denial  Where is your other MOBGD department?

Stage 3: Anger  Your store has some nerve. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these!

 Stage 4: Depression  Maybe I am old and frumpy.

Possible Stage 5 Outcome: That settles it. Let the kids elope.

What déjà vu I experienced when my client told me she wanted to look pretty and not frumpy on her wedding day. When I entered the dress department at the Haywood Mall Dillard’s a few days ago, I expected to see the same type of stodgy dress and jacket combos in shades of pewter or beige that lined the walls of the other department store.  Although I did see dresses that fit this description, thankfully they were tucked in a corner. I give Dillard’s buyers kudos for selecting an impressive array of youthful gowns for different personal styles and body types. I chose to highlight the following dresses (available on Dillard’s online) using this simple MOBGD barometer: I could see all of them on me.  

So, all you MOBGD huntresses keep the faith.  You will feel gorgeous on the big day and look radiant in the wedding album.  If you shop at the Haywood Mall Dillard’s, ask for Sabrina and Donna. Both sales associates were extremely helpful.

JS Collection One Shoulder Gown

Aidan Maddox Beaded Gown

Tadashi Ruched Metallic Gown 


 Elegant Mother of the Bride Dress

     Elegant mother of the bride dress















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