Springtime jewelry trends

What would women do without jewelry? It makes no difference whether it is fake or fine. We just love to decorate ourselves in beads, bangles, hoops and brooches. Jewelry also provides us with an opportunity to express our unique fashion style. Whimsical dressers might go for the bright colored enameled floral and beaded necklaces that are blooming all over stores this spring. Take the fanciful multi strand beaded necklace with fuchsia orchids by Lucky designs. This piece adds just the right dose of attitude and color to any of your neutral outfits. Since it has an adjustable leather strap, it can instantaneously change from short to long.  You can find it at Belk for $79.  Do you walk on the wild side? Then you will love the exotic trend of accessorizing with animal prints, wooden beads and other natural fabrics.  Ameshia’s fashion jewelry in the Upstate sells jewelry for all fashion styles and pocketbooks.  If you’re after natural elements, Ameshia sells pieces like turquoise bracelets, and wood, porcelain and black onyx bead earrings. My personal favorite jewelry trend this season is crystal. Crystal beaded necklaces and earrings possess that classic old world charm, yet they are thoroughly current. My friend Mare Petras glows in the translucent blush colored drop necklace on a ribbon chain featured below. An author, life coach and motivational speaker, Mare presents keynotes and trainings on wellness across the country. Her necklace, like her personality, is vibrant and inspiring.  

There is a whole world of jewelry out there waiting for you to wear. Put on your favorite piece and go have fun.

Safari statement earrings  


Say hello to spring with beads and orchids





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