Stylish Spring Seersucker Trends

I associate seersucker with sweetened ice tea and garden weddings. When I see a man in a seersucker suit, I immediately think of my dad. Although he favored traditional blue seersucker suits, he paired them with imaginative shirt and bowtie combinations that definitely pushed the style envelope. The word seersucker comes from the Hindi word Sirsakar and the Persian word Shiroshakar, meaning milk and sugar. What a delicious way to think of this fabric. It’s light and airy, and comes in a rainbow of sweet stripes, from nautical navy to cotton candy pink.

Steamy summertime conditions call for breathable, comfortable and washable clothing. Seersucker certainly fits the bill in all three categories. This cotton fabric is woven in such a way that it allows for better heat dissipation and air circulation. It is no wonder why seersucker has remained a common hot weather fashion choice from pre-air conditioning days to the present.

A New Orleans tailor made sartorial history in 1907 when he created the first seersucker suit. Although originally worn by the poor in the U.S., seersucker suits became a signature item of the southern gentleman. The fabric caught on with college students during the 1920’s, and they started a seersucker trend.[1] Soon wealthy Northerners vacationing in the South began wearing seersucker suits. By the 1930’s there were seersucker sightings throughout the northeast. The institutionalization of seersucker started when the first female United States Marines chose it for their summer service uniform during World War II.[2] Now members of Congress simultaneously wear seersucker every year on the second or third Thursday in June. [3]  Republican Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi originated the idea in 1996 to “bring a little Southern charm to the Capitol” and to create an awareness of how Senators dressed before the luxury of indoor air conditioning.[4] Senator Diane Feinstein of California, an active proponent of Seersucker Thursday, encouraged female senators to join in the tradition.

As a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist, my day almost always includes expeditions to clothing stores. I see seersucker almost everywhere, and it is not just for the classic dresser anymore.  In fact, I just bought a seersucker blazer with a thoroughly modern twist at Express for one of my clients. Here are my three favorite runway worthy  seersucker picks for spring:

Loft Seersucker Mini Skirt – A grosgrain ribbon waistband adds flair to this black and white striped pencil skirt, which sells for $59.50. I can see it with a cobalt blue or mint ruffle front top.

Kate Spade New York “Nico” Striped Seersucker Shorts –  Stroll down the boardwalk in these head turning pleated front cuffed shorts with front pockets. They are available at Nordstrom for $198.

Express Striped Shawl Collar Two Button Jacket – This jacket received a five star customer rating, and my client looks smashing in it. At $98, it is priced well below what a similar jacket at Talbots runs.


Express Shawl Collar Jacket


Kate Spade Seersucker “Nico Short”


Work appropriate pencil skirt

The Loft Seersucker Pencil Skirt

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seersucker jacket suitable for work and play

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