Summer rain boots for dancing in the rain

A miracle took place today in Greenville. It hasn’t rained one drop yet. This is no minor miracle either because we have seen nothing but rain the past ten days. Every conceivable form of warm weather precipitation came our way, including drizzle, misty rain, thunderstorms, and monsoon rain. One day it rained while the sun shone brightly. Hurry up and celebrate this rainless day. According to, today may be one of our only rainless days in July. Reading such a grim prediction makes me want to uncork a bottle of Merlot right now. Enough already. This rain puts me in a cranky mood. I’ve begrudged my black lab Roscoe his walks, and I definitely don’t feel inclined to sing or dance in the rain.

A few rainy days ago, I took a shortcut across the lawn of my apartment complex in an effort to get to my car quickly. I took one step, heard a loud squishing sound, and sank into muddy water. No, I wasn’t wearing Crocs or Hunter boots. My favorite red Kate Spade ballet flats, still drying out, may never recover from their trauma. At that moment, I vowed that my unpreparedness for inclement weather had to stop. I don’t own a waterproof lightweight raincoat, rain hat, or a decent pair of rain boots. I often either misplace my umbrella or forget to carry it. These wardrobe inadequacies make no sense, especially since Greenvillians can expect a 46% chance of precipitation during any given day from May 25 through September 14 (according to That adds up to a whole lot of rain.

My wardrobe epiphany prompted research into boots. I found three that met these criteria: above average product rating, reasonable price point, and stylish design. Here are my top contenders:

Women’s Breezy Rain Boot by Muck – available at and Dick Sporting Goods for $105

Sperry Top-Sider for Jeffrey Zermatt Boot – available online only at in yellow or line green for $114.96

Kamik “Heidi” Boot – Rated 5 stars on, five bright color options for $50

As soon as I own one of these boots, you just might catch me dancing in the rain!

Rain Boots for dancing in the rain

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