My daughter bought me a personal shopping session with Corey as a Christmas gift. When we met, Corey was on time, and she did my color analysis and measurements. I told her about my priorities, which was to get some dresses for certain occasions in the future. She and I both picked out dresses, and then she continued to bring me more as I tried them on. She was patient and informative, and when I asked for her honest opinion, she gave it. I learned a lot about what to look for, and not to look for, when shopping for dresses and other items. I am so pleased with what I got, and most of it was on sale! The best part was how comfortable Corey made me feel, and I truly enjoyed getting to know her through the experience.

Eileen, Retired, Mom of 3, Active Greenville Citizen

As Miss South Carolina, I recognize the importance of style in communicating my platform, personality, and values. Just two hours with Corey changed the way I look at clothes. I now will shop with a purpose, saving both time and money. Personal style consultant, Corey Urbina, amazingly defined “my look”, answering personal questions I’ve asked for years.

They say 80% of communication is nonverbal; fashion is a tremendous part of that. With Corey’s help, you’ll know you’ve got it right and smart.

Miss South Carolina models at Safe Harbor Fashion Show.

Miss South Carolina models at Safe Harbor Fashion Show.

Brooke Mosteller
Miss South Carolina, 2013

“My makeover was splendid. Corey was very professional and she knew how to help me determine my style needs and goals. She measured me; she told me what shape I was and also explained how to dress to flatter my shape. If she said something looked good on me that I had never thought to consider before, I considered it. Mostly I bought it. This was nice, because now I have great basics that make me feel new. Corey also helped me to venture into new style territory. I bought a dress and a long sweater. I would never have considered purchasing these items before but I love both of them. Thanks to Corey, I now have a much better idea of what to buy for myself and what colors I look best in. I also feel like I might waste less money now. The whole experience has made me see myself in a slightly different way. I’m still myself, but Corey made an improved version. I think I look more sophisticated.”

-Lynn, Federal Government Employee


“After losing 75 pounds on a long-needed diet, I had the daunting task of not just rebuilding my wardrobe but starting over from scratch. I really had NOTHING to wear! I had gone from a size 18 to a size 10. During the time I was dieting, I kept myself motivated by dreaming about the new clothes I would be able to get. But it had been so long since I could fit into most clothes that I didn’t know whether my dreams of certain styles would match with the reality of what would really suit me best. Corey Urbina came to my rescue. We shopped together and she steered me to the clothes that would flatter my body but that were trendy and wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Shopping with Corey is like shopping with an old friend. She honored my likes and dislikes but also introduced me to styles that I never would have tried before. I have received many compliments on my clothes lately. Corey also gave me guidelines that I’ve been able to follow on my own and which will help me in my future shopping choices. Her help was really invaluable.”

-Connie, Teacher


From Hopeless to Happening.

“Now that I am in my “golden years” and settled into full retirement,I decided that I needed a new image that would make me look as young as I feel. My appointment with Corey Urbina changed by life! Ms. Urbina came to my house and spent an entire afternoon meticulously doing my color analysis. She took her time, which is the way I like things now that I am retired, and thoughtfully pondered each color sample as she held it up next to my face and hair. She patiently explained why some colors looked better than others on me. I learned which colors I should gravitate to, and which colors I should minimize or avoid. Who knew red was so unflattering on me all these years! After learning about what colors and styles looked well on me, I was fortified with the confidence to go shopping and pick out several outfits.

Corey returned a couple weeks later for a follow-up session, devoted to reviewing my clothing choices. She also taught me all about how to accessorize. This session’s focus was on clothes and accessories that would show-off my good features, and minimize my problem areas. She even brought some of her own jewelry that she knew would complement my coloring. Her advice was invaluable. She also did my makeup that same day and taught me techniques with colors, and how to use brushes and other tools that I had never considered before. She really opened my eyes to how I can use makeup to look more NATURAL! I must say,I looked really good after she “put me all together”!”

“Ms. Urbina has a great talent for seeing the best in people and knowing how to enhance their appearance through color, fashion, and makeup. I came away from our time together more knowledgeable about what things look best on me, and feeling like a NEW WOMAN! The end result of her counseling is yes, a more beautiful image on the outside, but what I love most is the newfound confidence I have on the inside. THAT is immeasurable.”

-Barbara, Retired Child Care Specialist


“Corey Urbina spent two hours digging through my closet, helping me sort through the good, the bad, and the ugly clothing I have accumulated over many years. I ended up with several outfits that I know I like, that work for my life, that fit, and that I feel very comfortable wearing. And it was fun! If you could use some help with your image, I encourage you to talk with Corey.”

-Lee, Businesswoman

Feedback from the January 21, 2012 style seminar “A New Year, A New You”

Out of 10 returned evaluations, 8 participants gave the seminar the highest rating of excellent or 5 (scale from 1 to 5) and the remaining 2 participants gave it a 4. When asked how likely they would be to recommend the seminar to a friend, 9 of the 10 participants gave the seminar the highest rating of  Very Likely.

Here are some additional comments in response to the question “What did you find most informative?”:

 “Everything”, “Everything”, “Everything..but mostly about the whole and complete life..dressing for what you want.” “I loved it all”, “I found everything during the seminar to be informative”, “…it was all useful”.