Thanksgiving holiday travel outfit

My faithful green Subaru will join the other 100 million vehicles on the road during this Thanksgiving holiday. An estimated 25 million people will also fly to their holiday destinations.

If you ever wonder what not to wear when traveling, just spend time in any airport or roadside rest stop. I’ll never understand why so many travelers look like something the cat dragged in when today’s fashions offer both style and comfort. For my nine hour car trip back to Washington, DC, I’ve chosen an outfit that closely resembles this one. For me, the word comfort conjures up images of soft leggings and cozy sweater tunics. Because layering provides extra warmth without the bulkiness of a coat, I will wear a long sweater or sweater vest as my outer layer. You will never see me in athletic shoes unless I’m on a treadmill or walking my dog Chloe on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, South Carolina. My comfy travel shoe of choice is a John Fluevog short brown boot, a recent acquisition from Clothes Mentor, a consignment store in Greenville. The answer to a sojourner’s prayer, these supple leather flat boots sell for $289 online, and I found them for $48.00.

What do you typically wear when you fly the friendly skies or take your road trip?

Holiday travel outfit

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