The Limited Scandal collection

Ever since I fractured my leg in August, I’ve taken to online shopping. When my sister came to visit me last month, she mentioned how many items she purchased during her last trip to the Limited. I’ve always liked the store, but unfortunately the clothes haven’t been sized for my body. When I went online, however, I discovered that the site carried petites in my size. I also came upon the Scandal line, inspired by the outfits that Kerry Washington wears on this t.v. hit series. I found so many items I just loved and went about ordering three sweaters, two tops, and the blush slacks featured in my visual. I would have purchased the blush wrap coat but it was not available in my size.

Even though I expected my purchases either not to fit or live up to my expectations, the exact exact opposite was true. I’ll start with the slacks, since pant shopping challenges my resourcefulness. The pants fit me perfectly. More often than not, petite slacks run too short for me since I’m on the cusp of petite. Although their true color resembles more of a blush/champagne and not a pink, it is a pleasing and very neutral shade. I’m also happy with the sweaters and tops, especially because they look different from the styles you see in every store. One top I bought on sale is a blush halter top with a silver, white and bronze sequined bib. I wore the trousers and top with a fitted Gianni Bini fitted blazer today to a luncheon. The outfit looked smashing and felt very comfortable.

Blush has just become my new favorite color because it goes so well with black, camel, white, grey, navy and burgundy. It also makes a terrific accent color. Wear a blush floral scarf with your black coat or beige trench. How about a blush open cardigan sweater over black leggings and a simple black top? Have you discovered blush yet?

Needless to say, I’ve joined The Limited fan club and will update you on whether my future purchases live up to the first one.

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