Trends with staying power

Some fashion trends are just too fabulous to fade away.  Styles with staying power connect with individuals on a personal level and make them feel good. It’s so last year” may just be the highest form of flattery one can offer anyone this fall, since this season’s  must haves may already hang in many a closet.  Of course new seasons bring with them slightly new fashion points of view as well as design innovations.  The following blockbuster trends from last year remain powerful fashion forces this fall:

  1. Color and color blocking – Bold color seized the number one spot on Belk’s most wanted fall’s “hot list.” Splashes of color ignite, excite and illuminate those adventurous enough to release themselves from the strong grip of black and neutrals. Bright green ankle length pants, mustard, and raspberry graphic print tops, and cobalt flats exemplify our current obsession with color. The 1960’s technique of color blocking as well as color banding still appear prominently on this fall’s dresses, jackets and tops. In addition to creatively colorizing outfits, these techniques place bands of color in strategic locations that balance and slenderize figures.
  2. Feminine grace – Knee length pencil skirts, slender pumps and tailored jackets epitomize this return to elegance. It’s no wonder that Arlene Goldstein, Vice President of Trend Merchandising for Belk, refers to this sartorial elegance as “My Fair Lady”. Chiffon blouses, a signature look of this trend, add panache to even the most casual looks.


“My Fair Lady”, Belk’s Fall Trends















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